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Hear Village Board Meetings By Streaming Audio

Audio recordings of recent meetings of the Board of Trustees are freely available here at no cost to the taxpayers.

Regular meetings of the Board of Trustees are held on first and third Mondays at 7:00 p.m., in the upstairs Meeting Room at Village Hall, 2 Pleasant Street, Monticello, New York.

Rules of Procedure of the Village of Monticello Board of Trustees.

If the voices sounds choppy or broken up, or if it does not play online, try downloading the file to your hard drive and then open it.

Special Meeting of Trustees, 10 March 2015

wavSpecial Meeting of Trustees regarding water project and rezoning work session.

Regular Meeting of Trustees, 5 March 2015

wavRegular Meeting of Trustees - Announcement: The committee on rezoning, which reports to the Board of Trustees, will hold a joint work session on Tuesday, March 10, 2015 at 4:30 PM at 2 Pleasant Street. The public is invited to attend.

Regular Meeting of Trustees, 6 January 2015

wavbefore first Executive Session - Before executive session. Public thanks was given by Trustee Carmen Rue for help by Lou Monteleone and all the members of Santa Express, Carlos Torres and numerous community volunteers (including those volunteers who work with the Boys and Girls Clubs) who made and served dinner, and the people and business who contributed to a memorable and fun holiday dinner on December 14th. Other special events are currently in the planning stage. Anyone interested in helping with upcoming celebrations and observances is invited to call.
wavafter first Executive Session - After executive session.
pdfVillage Manager's report PDF file.

Special Meeting of Trustees, 30 October 2014

wavSpecial Meeting - Permanent appointment of Dr. David Sager as Village Manager, unanimously approved on a roll call vote, and welcome. Upon motion introduced by Trustee Rue, authorizing equitable leave time to Dr. Sager's interim predecessor, Walter Fedun Jr., who arrived at Village Hall a few months ago as a political appointee picked by the then controlling Chairman of the Town of Thompson Republican Committee. Thanks is given by the Mayor and board to Mr. Fedun for his service. Adoption of an installment tax agreement for a specific property owner for the year 2014-2015. Also, thanks to Village Attorney Michael Davidoff for successfully collecting $22,000 in delinquent water fees from Wal-Mart. Discussion of an upcoming grants workshop.

Regular Meeting of Trustees, 21 October 2014

wavbefore first Executive Session - Recess for discussion of an old lawsuit, placed first on the agenda as a courtesy to visiting attorneys.
wavafter first Executive Session - Regular meeting.
wavbefore second Executive Session - Interim Manager Walter Fedun directed to terminate the confidential secretary appointed by his predecessor, the chairman of the Town Republican Committee Ray Nargizian.
wavafter second Executive Session - Adjournment.

Regular Meeting of Trustees, 2 September 2014

wavPublic Hearing and meeting
wavafter Executive Session

The board voted after a public hearing to repeal the Village Code, eliminating the position of Deputy Village Manager. The controversial post was created in 2006. Board members who voted to dissolve the post commented that they viewed the post as a political plumb, contributing to dysfunction and duplication at Village Hall, adding that they preferred the idea of using part or all of the salary to hire an economic development specialist instead.

Regular Meeting of Trustees, 19 August 2014

wavman shouting comments before meeting
wavbefore Executive Session
wavafter Executive Session

  • Announced and discussed Federal loan of $7,984,000 and a grant of $11,947,000 was approved by Rural Development to renovate the Village Waste-Water Treatment Plant, on which the Board of Trustees has been working for six years, the final pieces of which were submitted to the USDA by the present Treasurer.
  • Finalized contract with Boys and Girls Club. Walter Fedun Jr. was appointed Interim Village Manager, pending interviews with selected candidates who have applied (of whom he is one). The written resolution as voted, appointing him as "interim" manager, withholds the power to hire or fire employees without board approval.
  • Scheduled a public hearing for September 2nd on repealing the law allowing appointment of a Deputy Village Manager.

Preliminary Agenda

Special Meeting of Trustees, 12 August 2014

wavspecial meeting thanks given to Raymond Nargian for temporary service, creating a vacancy for the Board of Trustees to hire a professional Village Manager.

Special Meeting of Trustees, 24 June 2014

wavaudio recording Adoption of budget for Fiscal Year 2014-2015, within the 2% cap, levy of 2.8%. Bare Bones Budget, 2014-2015, with Treasurer's memorandum prepared with assistance of the NYS Comptroller's Office.

Regular Meeting of Trustees, 17 June 2014

wavaudio recording Among other business at this meeting, former "putative Village Manager" Alan Thompson spoke during public comment, threatening to sue the Village of Monticello over a NYS Supreme Court decsion and Order declaring his supposed promise of employment null and void as a result of violations of New York State law. Apparently perfectly willing to violate his fiduciary duty to the taxpayers of Monticello, Mayor Gordon Jenkins publically announced willingness to help this Rockland County politician and resident (who already had his day in Court here and lost months ago) continue his effort to suck municipal funds from our local public coffers.

Regular Meeting of Trustees, 20 May 2014

At the advice of the Village Attorney, by vote of the Board of Trustees, code enforcement officer James Snowden's contract was declared null and void in part because it was written and signed unlawfully, without the Board of Trustees ever being allowed to review the document or vote a resolution authorizing the Mayor to sign it, in a naked attempt to prevent recently elected Trustees from exercising their lawful powers granted by the voters of Monticello to govern. Last meeting's order by the Board of Trustees that the Building Department be relocated back to Village Hall will be carried out shortly.

Also at this meeting, the board appointed Walter Fedun, Jr. of Monticello as Deputy Village Manager at a salary of $55,000 per year, to assist interim Village Manager Ray Nargizian who is serving without pay until a permanent Manager is hired by the board. A contract with Mr. Fedun was discussed, but has not yet been written. Once it has been constructed and reviewed by all members of the board and is approved by another vote, the current plan of the Board of Trustees is to enter into mutually agreeable terms with him to assure stability for him and for the Village of Monticello for the next three years.

wavaudio recording before executive session

wavaudio recording after executive session

Regular Meeting of Trustees, 6 May 2014

wavaudio recording begins shortly after the meeting started (missed the Pledge of Allegiance and report by the Superintendent of Schools on the proposed budget).


  • Public hearing, with impassioned speech by District Attorney Jim Farrell and PBA President John Riegler, followed by a vote to dissolve the illegal now defunct "Police Commission";
  • Vote to move the Building Department back to Village Hall, freeing up space in the Stroebele Center for youth activities;
  • Discussion of clean-up of the toxic debris pile on Pleasant Street commonly referred to in the community as "Mount Jenkins";
  • Internal CPA audit report for 2012-2013, citing missing records, inadequate cash flow, and deficient fund balances. (Full report will be posted later on;
  • Scheduling work sessions for May 15 and 20 to set qualifications to be required in ads for a new Village Manager, and establishing a salary for a newly appointed Deputy Manager to assist our current Manager Ray Nargizian who is serving the Village without pay.

Regular Meeting of Trustees, 16 April 2014

wavaudio recording

A public hearing to dissolve the Police Commission was scheduled to be held on May 6th at 7:00 PM. Chaired by a convicted criminal, the two-member Police Commission has been non-operational since it was overturned in court almost a year ago. After the May 6th hearing, the board will vote on whether or not to repeal the local law which created the commission, which has cost the Village many thousands of dollars in consultant and attorney fees since 2011.

Litterpluck will be held on April 26th, starting at 9:00 AM, to coincide with the county-wide event. The lawsuit that Jenkins has been waging against Mobilemedic EMS was settled for $15,000. The mayor shouted that he and his attorney had tried to get $89,000 from the company, and he was furious at being outvoted.

Regarding the "Mount Jenkins" toxic waste pile, Jenkins said tonight that there was NO asbestos in the court house, declaring in public that he would RESIGN if anyone could prove that he knew ahead of time there was asbestos there. Trustee Rue promised to bring the engineer's reports, addressed to him, to the next meeting. He then admitted there was asbestos, but not much. The Village Attorney recommended clearing plans for debris removal from Mount Jenkins with the NYS Department of Labor before taking action.

Motion by Trustee Rue to move the Building Department back to its rightful and safe place at Village Hall, leaving the Stroebele Center for its traditional use by Monticello seniors and youth; motion TABLED by Trustees Solomon and Weyer who said they preferred to proceed slowly.

Reorganizational Meeting of Trustees, 7 April 2014

wavaudio recording swearings-in of Village Justice Josephine Finn by Supreme Court Justice Stephan Schick, and of Trustees Douglas Solomon and Jill Weyer by Judge Finn, followed by debate and a vote over amending the meeting's agenda. See Final Amended Agenda.

wavaudio recording following 15-minute recess to allow the Mayor to study the amended agenda and consult with the outgoing attorney, followed by Mayor's and Manager's appointments, reorganizational meeting concluded.

Regular Meeting of Trustees, 1 April 2014

wavaudio recording of phony reorganizational annual appointments

Emergency Meeting, Monday, 24 March 2014

wavaudio recording of "emergency meeting" of Trustees (AGENDA and RESOLUTION), called for the purpose of voting to authorize the Nyack law firm of Feerick Lynch MacCartney (who since 2011 has been under contract as "special counsel" to represent the entire Board of Trustees as described in their Request for Qualification of Legal Services) to appear in Supreme Court in opposition to elected (since 2008) Trustee Carmen Rue and Trustees-Elect Doug Solomon and Jill Weyer in an Article 78 Petition opposing the unlawful hiring of a Rockland County associate real estate broker named Allen Thompson as Monticello's putative Village Manager under terms which, if permitted to stand, would allow the recently defeated Trustees enforce a substantial economic penalty against taxpayers and future Board of Trustees for carrying out the said board's rights and fiduciary duty to hire a Village Manager and for that Manager to serve "at the pleasure of such board".

Emergency Meeting, Wednesday, 19 March 2014

wavaudio recording of unlawfully convened meeting held for a purpose other than stated in the Notice and Agenda thereof.

Actions taken at this meeting are null and void, in part (for one thing, but not limited to this cause) because the Notice of the meeting entitled “Emergency Meeting Agenda” failed to comply with the requirements of the NYS Open Meetings Law. The sole purpose of the meeting, according to the Notice, other than calling the meeting to order, roll call, accepting the agenda (on which I voted “No”) was one item of business – “4. Executive session – Personnel Matter”.

Aside from the fact that “Personnel Matter” for the announced executive session is not a sufficient explanation to warrant an exemption from the requirements of the Open Meetings Law, there was absolutely no notice given to the public or to all members of the Board of Trustees that there was any actually a plan to deliberate on amendment of a Local Law. Such business, and any votes subsequently arising from said deliberation, are therefore void.

Given that the sole purpose of this deception was to obstruct the administration of Trustees who were lawfully elected yesterday by the vast majority of Monticello voters who cast ballots, I consider this matter to be an egregious violation of the Open Meetings Law, the consequences of which will be addressed in the near future by the newly elected Board of Trustees.

Regular Meeting, 11, 12, and 14 March 2014

wavaudio recording of March 11, 2014 regular meeting, described here: "Protecting Cronies a Centerpiece of Jenkins Administration - Last Minute Rush to Hand-Pick New Manager, and Give Contract to Double-Dipping, Unqualified Pal Before Election". At the conclusion the meeting recessed, to reconvene the following day to interview a Village Manager applicant, and then again on the 14th.

Motion made by Trustee Rue to congratulate Village Justice Josephine Finn (who happened to be present in the audience) on her appointment to the NYS Board of Regents. Seconded by Trustee Bennett. For partisan and personal reasons, Mayor Jenkins disrespectfully refused to allow the motion be voted upon.

wavaudio recording of March 12, 2014 discussion before executive session.

wavaudio recording of March 12, 2014 discussion after executive session. Recessed.

Emergency Meeting, Tuesday, 20 February 2014

wavaudio recording Meeting called at the request of the Code Enforcement Officer, seeking permission to file a petition in Supreme Court to condemn a residence at 24 Bennett street. The request was approved by a vote of 3 to 2 members of the Board of Trustees (Trustee Bennett abstained, Trustee Rue voted No), despite the lack of an engineer's report and the Village did not have an engineer at the meeting to support the request. The owner of the building contends that the Code Enforcement Officer has refused to issue him a building permit, and blocked Planning Board consideration, of the improvements he is seeking to make to his property. Agenda and Resolution

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