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Hear Village Board Meetings By Streaming Audio

Audio recordings of recent meetings of the Board of Trustees are freely available here at no cost to the taxpayers.

Regular meetings of the Board of Trustees are held on first and third Mondays at 7:00 p.m., in the upstairs Meeting Room at Village Hall, 2 Pleasant Street, Monticello, New York.

Rules of Procedure of the Village of Monticello Board of Trustees.

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Regular Meeting of Trustees, 16 June 2015

wavbefore Executive Session. The budget for Fiscal Year 2015-2016 was adopted with a 1.66% increase in taxes, and no increase in water, sewer, or sanitation for this year. Thank you to Treasurer Lilu Li for doing a great job on this year's budget.
wavafter Executive Session.

Regular Meeting of Trustees, 2 June 2015

wavbefore Executive Session. Joint meeting with Thompson Town Board regarding annexation petition; first of two required budget hearing (projected tax increase of 1.66% [under State cap] with no increase in water, sewer, or sanitation fees).
wavafter Executive Session.

Reorganizational Meeting of Trustees, 7 April 2015

wavjoint meeting with Thompson Town Board regarding annexation. For two new businesses near the racino, including a Dunkin Donuts and a boat store.
wavannual reorganizational meeting of the Board of Trustees. Trustee Doug Solomon appointed temporary acting deputy mayor pending a decision by the NYS Court of Appeals on removal of Mayor Gordon Jenkins. If the Court of Appeals upholds the decision of the Appellate Division, the Board of Trustees will then consider who to appoint to serve out the unexpired remainder of Mayor Jenkins' term until the next Village election in March 2016. If a Trustee is chosen, the newly appointed Mayor will then appoint a qualified community member to the vacant seat on the board until the election of March 2016.

Special Meeting of Trustees, 10 March 2015

wavSpecial Meeting of Trustees regarding water project and rezoning work session.

Regular Meeting of Trustees, 5 March 2015

wavRegular Meeting of Trustees - Announcement: The committee on rezoning, which reports to the Board of Trustees, will hold a joint work session on Tuesday, March 10, 2015 at 4:30 PM at 2 Pleasant Street. The public is invited to attend.

Regular Meeting of Trustees, 6 January 2015

wavbefore first Executive Session - Before executive session. Public thanks was given by Trustee Carmen Rue for help by Lou Monteleone and all the members of Santa Express, Carlos Torres and numerous community volunteers (including those volunteers who work with the Boys and Girls Clubs) who made and served dinner, and the people and business who contributed to a memorable and fun holiday dinner on December 14th. Other special events are currently in the planning stage. Anyone interested in helping with upcoming celebrations and observances is invited to call.
wavafter first Executive Session - After executive session.
pdfVillage Manager's report PDF file.

Special Meeting of Trustees, 30 October 2014

wavSpecial Meeting - Permanent appointment of Dr. David Sager as Village Manager, unanimously approved on a roll call vote, and welcome. Upon motion introduced by Trustee Rue, authorizing equitable leave time to Dr. Sager's interim predecessor, Walter Fedun Jr., who arrived at Village Hall a few months ago as a political appointee picked by the then controlling Chairman of the Town of Thompson Republican Committee. Thanks is given by the Mayor and board to Mr. Fedun for his service. Adoption of an installment tax agreement for a specific property owner for the year 2014-2015. Also, thanks to Village Attorney Michael Davidoff for successfully collecting $22,000 in delinquent water fees from Wal-Mart. Discussion of an upcoming grants workshop.

Regular Meeting of Trustees, 21 October 2014

wavbefore first Executive Session - Recess for discussion of an old lawsuit, placed first on the agenda as a courtesy to visiting attorneys.
wavafter first Executive Session - Regular meeting.
wavbefore second Executive Session - Interim Manager Walter Fedun directed to terminate the confidential secretary appointed by his predecessor, the chairman of the Town Republican Committee Ray Nargizian.
wavafter second Executive Session - Adjournment.

Regular Meeting of Trustees, 2 September 2014

wavPublic Hearing and meeting
wavafter Executive Session

The board voted after a public hearing to repeal the Village Code, eliminating the position of Deputy Village Manager. The controversial post was created in 2006. Board members who voted to dissolve the post commented that they viewed the post as a political plumb, contributing to dysfunction and duplication at Village Hall, adding that they preferred the idea of using part or all of the salary to hire an economic development specialist instead.

Regular Meeting of Trustees, 19 August 2014

wavman shouting comments before meeting
wavbefore Executive Session
wavafter Executive Session

  • Announced and discussed Federal loan of $7,984,000 and a grant of $11,947,000 was approved by Rural Development to renovate the Village Waste-Water Treatment Plant, on which the Board of Trustees has been working for six years, the final pieces of which were submitted to the USDA by the present Treasurer.
  • Finalized contract with Boys and Girls Club. Walter Fedun Jr. was appointed Interim Village Manager, pending interviews with selected candidates who have applied (of whom he is one). The written resolution as voted, appointing him as "interim" manager, withholds the power to hire or fire employees without board approval.
  • Scheduled a public hearing for September 2nd on repealing the law allowing appointment of a Deputy Village Manager.

Preliminary Agenda

Special Meeting of Trustees, 12 August 2014

wavspecial meeting thanks given to Raymond Nargian for temporary service, creating a vacancy for the Board of Trustees to hire a professional Village Manager.

Special Meeting of Trustees, 24 June 2014

wavaudio recording Adoption of budget for Fiscal Year 2014-2015, within the 2% cap, levy of 2.8%. Bare Bones Budget, 2014-2015, with Treasurer's memorandum prepared with assistance of the NYS Comptroller's Office.

Regular Meeting of Trustees, 17 June 2014

wavaudio recording Among other business at this meeting, former "putative Village Manager" Alan Thompson spoke during public comment, threatening to sue the Village of Monticello over a NYS Supreme Court decsion and Order declaring his supposed promise of employment null and void as a result of violations of New York State law. Apparently perfectly willing to violate his fiduciary duty to the taxpayers of Monticello, Mayor Gordon Jenkins publically announced willingness to help this Rockland County politician and resident (who already had his day in Court here and lost months ago) continue his effort to suck municipal funds from our local public coffers.

Regular Meeting of Trustees, 20 May 2014

At the advice of the Village Attorney, by vote of the Board of Trustees, code enforcement officer James Snowden's contract was declared null and void in part because it was written and signed unlawfully, without the Board of Trustees ever being allowed to review the document or vote a resolution authorizing the Mayor to sign it, in a naked attempt to prevent recently elected Trustees from exercising their lawful powers granted by the voters of Monticello to govern. Last meeting's order by the Board of Trustees that the Building Department be relocated back to Village Hall will be carried out shortly.

Also at this meeting, the board appointed Walter Fedun, Jr. of Monticello as Deputy Village Manager at a salary of $55,000 per year, to assist interim Village Manager Ray Nargizian who is serving without pay until a permanent Manager is hired by the board. A contract with Mr. Fedun was discussed, but has not yet been written. Once it has been constructed and reviewed by all members of the board and is approved by another vote, the current plan of the Board of Trustees is to enter into mutually agreeable terms with him to assure stability for him and for the Village of Monticello for the next three years.

wavaudio recording before executive session

wavaudio recording after executive session

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